Archon abilities the most powerful ultimate attacks in Godfall but just like other RPGs, ultimate abilities must be charged to use. You first need to fully charge your Archon Fury bar and only then you can unleash powerful attacks, get buffs, and bonuses. All Archon abilities are tied to different Valorplates in Godfall. This guide will explain how to charge up your Archin Fury bar to use Archon Abilities in Godfall.

Last updated on November 14th, 2020 at 06:52 pm

Godfall: How to Charge Archon Fury Bar

To charge your Archon Fury bar you need to collect Golden Orbs from dead enemies. These Golden orbs are very easy to spot in Godfall. Simply walk over the Golden Orb to collect it and it will charge up your Archon Fury bar ut not all the way through. You need to collect a handful of these Golden Orbs to fully charge you Archon Fury Bar in Godfall.

Each Golden Orb gets you one step closer to using your Archon Abilities in Godfall. The Archon Fury bar is located at the bottom left screen, below the health bar. The Golden Orbs are known as Aetherium. Collect as much Aetherium as you can to charge you Archon Fury bar and use Archon ultimate abilities.

Another way to get Aetherium or Golden Orbs in Godfall is to open chests in the game. Chests can often give you a ton of Aetherium to charge your Archon Fury bar. If you are using a controller press down on both thumbsticks to trigger your Valorplate’s Archon ability.

Archon abilities give your Valorplate additional damage, special buffs, and much more. You can visit our best Archon abilities guide to unlock them all in Godfall.

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