Hogwarts Legacy is an exciting new game set in the magical world of Harry Potter. Players will embark on various quests and adventures throughout the game, requiring you to manipulate time to progress. For instance, you’ll need to advance time to attend classes during the day and participate in certain main quests. On the other hand, some collectibles can only be obtained at night, making it essential for players to know how to advance time effectively. This guide will go through everything you need to know on changing the time of day in Hogwarts Legacy, both on PC and consoles.


How to Change the Time to Day or Night

To change the time of day from night to day or day to night in Hogwarts Legacy, you need to open the game menu. You should see the “Wait” tab at the bottom right of the page. You need to press the “Wait” button to change the time from day to night or night to day. The process is similar for both consoles and PC.

How to Change Time of Day on PC

  • Open the World Map in Hogwarts Legacy
  • Press the “F” button on your keyboard to “Wait”

How to Change Time of Day on PlayStation and Xbox

  • Open World Map in Hogwarts Legacy
  • Press the right stick on PS/Xbox controller

After you press time, wait on either PS/Xbox or PC; the time of day will change to morning or night. Now the question is, why and when should you change the time? Well, some main or side quests might require you to approach the objectives at a certain time of day. Also, some collectibles are only available during that time, so you won’t be able to access them in the morning.

Moreover, some world bosses are only available during the night; the same is true with some mounts you’ll want to capture in Hogwarts Legacy. Lastly, some classes are only available during the day, so changing the time of day becomes an important gameplay element you’ll frequently use in Hogwarts Legacy.

I hope that helps you understand how to change the time of day to night or vice versa in the game. If you have more details to share on this topic with our readers, let us know in the comments below.