Welcome to the world of Bugsnax! In this guide, we’ll teach you how to change time and weather in Bugsnax. This is important because certain events and characters can only be encountered at specific times of the day or under certain weather conditions. So, let’s get started!


How to Change Time

In Bugsnax, time moves relatively slowly, with one minute in the game roughly equal to one real-world second. If you want to speed up time, you’ll need to find a bed and go to sleep. You will unlock the ability to change time as soon as you visit Snaxburg for the first time.

All Bed Locations

Beds are scattered throughout Snaktooth Island, and they’re your ticket to adjusting the time. Regardless of whose bed it is, as long as it’s unoccupied, you can use it.

Upon choosing to rest in a bed, you’ll be presented with options to fast-forward time to certain parts of the day. These options remain consistent across all beds and include:

  • Advance to 5AM
  • Advance to Noon
  • Advance to 5PM
  • Advance to Midnight
  • Choose not to sleep.

How to Change Weather in Bugsnax

In Bugsnax, weather conditions, such as rain, can influence which creatures you encounter. A prime example is the Caramel Poptick, which only makes an appearance during rainfall. However, there’s no direct method to induce rain in Bugsnax. The weather patterns are unpredictable and beyond your control.

Making It Rain

While you can’t command the weather, you can manipulate the odds of experiencing rain by altering the time of day. This is achieved by resting in a bed, as previously explained. You can continue to sleep until the next day at the same time, hoping to wake up to rainfall.

However, you’ll have to wait until the game determines that enough sunny time has elapsed to trigger rain in Flavor Falls. If there are other tasks left in the game, our suggestion is to carry on with those and patiently wait for the rain to start. The moment you observe rainfall in Snaxburg (or if you happen to traverse through Flavor Falls or Garden Grove during rainfall), immediately halt your current activity and hurry back to this cave to catch the Snak.

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