How to Change Personas in Persona 5 Strikers

How to Change Personas in Persona 5 Strikers

There are multiple personas that players can carry throughout the entirety of Persona 5 Strikers and change them at will. This doesn’t only bring a lot of variety to the game but is also important to go through the game rather easily since each persona in the game has its unique set of abilities. But how does one do that? In this Persona 5 Strikers guide, we’ve detailed everything there’s to know about how to change personas in the game.

Change Personas in Persona 5 Strikers

Changing personas in the game is rather simple. All that the players need to do is to open up the Main Menu, select Personas, and then select the one that they wish to use. However, the process is long and tedious. For players who want to do it on the fly, there’s a much simpler way to do so.

In order to change personas on the fly, players need to press L1 or L depending on the platform they’re playing on. Once done, they’ll be able to cycle through different available personas using the d-pad and then select the one that they’re comfortable with. After a persona has been selected, players should be able to press the ‘Up’ button on the d-pad to immediately use its signature skill. This process is far simpler and a whole lot quicker than opening up the Main Menu and changing it from there.

However, one important thing that players need to keep in mind is that they’ll still need to unlock different personas in the game in order to switch to them in the game. Only a handful are available from the start of the game.

That’s all we’ve got in how to change personas in Persona 5 Strikers. For more help on the game, feel free to check out our detailed Persona 5 Strikers wiki guides.

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