How to Change Name in Among Us

How to Among Us change name

Among Us is a killer multiplayer game where you play as other the killing Impostor or as one of the Crewmates. The goal of the Impostor is to kill everyone while the Crewmates must fix a spaceship, complete all the tasks, and win the game before they all die. Players can customize various aspects of their character via pets, hats, and skins. However, another part of your character that can change is the name. In this guide, we will explain how to change your name in Among Us.

Among Us Guide: How to Change Name

The process of changing your character’s name is pretty simple. But the first you need to do is make sure you join a match in Among Us. It doesn’t matter if you are playing with randoms or friends, the process is the same either way.

To change your name in Among Us, go to the Online menu and enter a match. When you enter a game click on the white box at the top and type the name you want for your match. When the match properly starts you will be able to see the name you selected at the top of your character’s head in Among Us. You can change your name every time before you enter a match in Among Us.

That’s all you need to know to change your name in the game. If you want more help with the game check out Among Us wiki. We suggest reading through our Impostor tips and tricks, and how to catch an Impostor guide.

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