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How To Change Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth Outfits

Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth, like its predecessors, allows you to dawn various outfits. You can unlock new outfits and change outfits whenever you like. Moreover, you can also change your Team Battle’s outfits in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth.

How To Unlock New Outfits And Costumes

Purchasing DLC packs is a straightforward way to expand your wardrobe. Some editions of the game include these packs, so check your version for any extra fashion bonuses. But that’s not the only way, you can play the game’s many main and side quests to unlock new outfits.

Lastly, you can try different jobs to get employee outfits in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth. Each job role in the game comes with its distinct fashion statement. By changing your character’s job, you unlock a variety of outfit options tied to that specific role. For example, the Crazy Eats mini game gives you the delivery guy outfit.

How To Change Your Team’s Battle Outfits

In “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth”, customizing your team’s battle outfits is an exciting way to add a personal touch to your gameplay. Here’s what you need to do to switch your Team’s Battle outfits:

  1. Visit ‘Change Jobs’ at Alo-Happy Tours: This is your first stop. Here, you can not only switch jobs for your characters but also explore outfit options associated with each role.
  2. Select a Character: Choose the team member whose outfit you want to change. Each character has unique options, so exploring different characters gives you a broader fashion range.
  3. Choose an Outfit: Finally, decide on the outfit. Remember, some outfits are universal and can be worn regardless of the job, especially those from DLC packs or specific game achievements.

While experimenting with outfits is fun, keep in mind that job-specific outfits are only available when the character is currently in that job.

Can You Change Team’s Swimsuits?

how to change your team's swimsuits in like a dragon infinite wealth

Yes, you can change your Team’s swimsuits in Like A Dragon Infinite Wealth. Here’s how:

  1. Head to the Swimsuit Changeroom: Located conveniently on Aloha Beach, this is your go-to spot for swimwear selection. The changeroom serves as a wardrobe hub for all things beachwear.
  2. Select a Character: Choose which team member’s swimsuit you want to change. Each character has their own set of swimwear options, allowing for diverse and unique beach styles.
  3. Pick Their Preferred Swimwear: Once you’ve selected a character, you’ll be presented with a variety of swimsuit choices. This selection adds an extra layer of customization and fun, letting you tailor each character’s beach appearance to your liking.

Characters automatically change into their selected swimsuits when they enter the water.

Can I Change Team Outfits Outside Of Battle?

The ability to change your team’s outfits outside of battle is a reward for completing the game’s main story.Once you’ve unlocked this feature, the outfits your characters wear in the world outside of battle will directly reflect their combat attire. This means the outfit you choose for battle scenes is the same one your character will sport while exploring.

Unlike some games where characters can have different outfits for combat and exploration, “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth” keeps it unified. Your characters will maintain a consistent look, whether they’re in the heat of battle or casually strolling through the city.

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