The updated version of Gwent, called Gwent Rogue Mage allows you to exchange card before the game initiates. At the start, you have five cards. This option was already available in the previous version of the game.  To change these cards, two changing points are used. One card at a time is used for players.

Trading Cards in Gwent Rogue Mage

In the game Gwent Rogue Mage, you get two types of trading cards

  • Heroes Trading Cards
  • Support Cards

Heroes Trading Card

When the game starts you can see the cards. By seeing those cards you drop out those cards that will be not helpful for combat. In exchange, you can have heroes card.

Beside these Heroes cards you will also have power-up cards to enhance the power of other cards and special effects cards. Special effect cards are not effective at the beginning of the match rather these are helpful in the end.

Support Cards

To have an advantage over enemies, there will be some cards that can give you extra damage or some other advantages over enemies during battle.Mainly you have defense cards and attack base cards. Mostly support card are available at the begining of the game, but there are chances of getting them during the match.

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