Oninaki is a massive game with lots of things to do and lots of challenges to face. Sometimes, you might find a task a tad bit difficult. This may make or break your momentum and may affect the overall experience. To help you with that, we’ve instructed below on how to change difficulty mid-game in Oninaki.

Change Difficulty in Oninaki

At the start of the game, you’re given three options of difficulty levels to choose from Casual, Normal and Maniac. The decision you make here won’t be irreversible so that’s a relief. Whenever you hit a brick wall in the game, in terms of difficulty spike you can switch the difficulty in your playthrough of the game without needing to start a new campaign.

To change the difficulty, you need to navigate to a Save Station. Here interact with it to open up the menu that allows you to change the difficulty settings. Alternatively, you can open up the world map. Here press the start button to open the options menu and change the difficulty to one of your likings.

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