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How to Change Clothes in Tales of Arise


Tales of Arise is a consoles exclusive title with a lot of options and opportunities in the game for players. Such as, you can wander around in the open world and fantastical places. You can also change clothes for your characters in Tales of Arise, and this is how you can do so.

Tales of Arise: How to Change Clothes

You can change clothes by accessing the menu, which can be opened by using the touchpad on the PS console and the View button for the Xbox consoles. In this menu, select the option “Outfits”. In the Outfits menu, you will be able to change the whole appearance of your character. This includes costumes, accessories, hairstyles, and even weapon skins for every character in the game.

When you are changing the appearance of a character, you can place items in their respected slots. There is one slot for hairstyle, one slot for costume, two slots for accessories, and one slot for the weapon skin.

You can also get more costumes by examining Danhan Owls, which can be found all around the world of the Game. If you find Danhan Owls, you can also get many different accessories. If you have a Rinwell in your party, and you are near a Danhan Owl, Rinwell’s owl will appear for a short period and notify you about the Danhan Owl.

There are many different cosmetic items that you can unlock with the help of Danhan Owls. You can also change the colors of your outfits after unlocking the Owl Forest in Cyslodia.

Another way of getting clothes in Tales of Arise is to purchase DLC content costumes. You can purchase these outfits with real-world money. To purchase a DLC costume, you need to go to the main menu, then head over to the Downloadable Content section.

There will be a lot of items here to purchase, and you can buy whatever you want by spending some real-world money.

This is everything there is to know about getting clothes and new outfits in Tales of Arise. Need more help? See How to Heal, How to Dodge, Calaglia Dahnan Owls Locations.

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