F1 2020 is an intense racing experience and it is important to get the right camera angle that fits your style. In last year’s entry, there were some issues on consoles when players tried to change the camera, thankfully, that’s not the case this year in F1 2020.

How to Change Camera in F1 2020

There are multiple options in change your camera in F1 2020. The default camera is TV Pod but there are other options you can go with. To change your camera in F1 2020 you need to go to the pause menu and scroll down to the “Driving Camera” tab. From this tab, you can change the driving camera to whatever you like. You can use the thumbstick on consoles or mouse on your PC to change the camera.

You can go to the Preferences tab at the top to bind the camera option to the button you like. This will allow you to change your camera on the go without having to pause the game. On consoles, you can use L3 or R3 buttons. If you have additional buttons on your mouse you can use those to bind the camera in F1 2020.

Bunding the camera to a certain button allows you to keep immersed in the race. There are multiple camera options so choose the one that fits your needs the most. You can test every one of them or switch between them on the go depending on the situation.

That’s all, if you need more help with the game check out the F1 MyTeam, Sponsors, and errors and fixes. You can also visit the Wiki page for more information about F1 2020.

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