Starfield is an RPG and like many RPGs, it starts with a character creation screen. Once you have created your character, a few hours later you might want to change your character’s appearance. Fortunately, you are not locked to the character you created at the start and can change appearance mid-way through your journey to explore the space. In this Starfield Guide, we will help players with how to change their appearance in the game and which options can be changed.


How To Change Appearance

Before we start with how to change the appearance, let’s go through what you can change in your character’s appearance in Starfield. Players can change everything in their character’s appearance in Starfield but can’t change Background and Traits.

To change your character’s appearance, head to the New AtlantisĀ in the Alpha Centauri System. One the New Atlantis, make your way to the commercial district located in the Mast district. Here, go to the New Atlantis Corporate Park and find the Settled Systems News Network (SSNN) building. Opposite the building, you’ll find a store called Enhance. This is where players will be able to change their character’s appearance in Starfield for a small fee.

Head inside the store and speak to Warner Cornell at the front desk. Select the “speak to Warner Cornell” option from the dialogue options. Pay 500 Credits and change your Starfield character’s appearance.


That is all for our Starfield guide on how to change appearance. For more on the game, also see the Companions guide and How To Fast Travel.


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