Tinkatink, a captivating Fairy/Steel type Pokemon, has just been introduced to the world of Pokémon Scarlet and Violet. As you level up this Pokemon, it will eventually become Tinkatuff at 24 and reach its full potential as the powerful Tinkaton when it reaches 38. Want to catch Tinkatink? Don’t worry if you’re having difficulty locating the Tinkatink; this guide features all the essential details to capture one in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet.

Where To Find and Catch Tinkatink (Location) in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet

Measuring up to only a few inches tall, Tinkatink boasts remarkable stats. And that’s just the base version! Imagine what powerhouses Tinkatuff and Tinkaton will be when they evolve; their immense capabilities will be like nothing you’ve ever seen. To discover the enchanted realm of Tinkatink, you must commence your journey at West Province’s Area One and seek out its Watchtower.

After arriving at your destination, take some time to explore until you stumble upon the ruins. As you traverse the neighborhood, you will come across the school situated on its western side; near this site lies Tinkatink. When you spot the elusive Tinkatink, be prepared to take out your Poke balls and capture them immediately! With quick reflexes and a bit of luck, you’ll soon find yourself adding this rare creature to your collection.

There are other locations you can find Tinkatink, such as South Province Area Two, inside some ruins.

You can also look for Tinkatink at the following locations in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet:

  • Asado Desert
  • East Province Area Two
  • South Province Area Four
  • South Province Area Three

Tinkatink Base and Level 50 Stats

Base StatsValueRank
Level 50 StatsMax0Nat0EV-NatMin

That’s all you need to know about finding and catching Tinkatink in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet! With these tips, you’ll be able to boast of your powerful Tinkaton in no time. Want to catch more Pokemon? Here are some guides you might like:

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