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How To Catch Tandemaus In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet (Easy Way)


Are you tired of constantly coming up short in your quest to catch the elusive Tandemaus in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet? Look no further! This guide will reveal the secret location where Tandemaus can be found and provide the necessary information on its base, level 50 stats, and a delicious Tandemaus spawn sandwich recipe to help you force its spawn rate to increase. By the time you’ve finished reading, you’ll be well-equipped to add this rare and powerful Pokemon to your collection and make it reach its level 50 with high statistics. Get ready to embark on an adventure as we uncover the secrets of capturing the elusive Tandemaus in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet.

Where To Find Tandemaus in Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

The Tandemaus Pokemon is rare, making it quite challenging to locate at times. To successfully find one of these coveted Pokemon, you will require an additional layer of exploration within the Great Crater of Paldea regions. If you’re on the hunt for a Tandemaus Pokemon, they can usually be found in cities and towns as they tend to linger near human dwellings. They are essentially domesticated mice.

Tandemaus Location

Location #1North Province: Area 2
Location #2East Province: Area 1 
Location #3East Province: Area 3
Location #4West Province: Area 2
Location #5West Province: Area 3
Location #6South Province: Area 2
Location #7Tagtree Thicket

Delve into each area listed in the table; these are reliable spawning locations of Tandemaus. If you can’t find the Pokemon at its usual location, then don’t despair. You have another option: traverse the desert and search for it on the north side of the Lighthouse. Moreover, If luck has yet to be on your side and you’re still struggling to find this Pokemon, head west of Paldea’s Great Crater, where the tunnel is located.

Tandemaus Sandwich Recipe

If you have a hard time finding this Pokemon, then there is a way to increase its spawn rate. You can make a sandwich with an Encounter Power: Normal. Here are some recipes you can use:

  • Point Power Fire Sandwich: Chorizo 3x, Curry Power 3x
  • Ham Sandwich: Pickle 1x, Ham 1x, Mayo 1x, Mustard 1x

Tandemaus Base and Level 50 Stats

Base StatsValueRank
Level 50 StatsMax0Nat0EV-NatMin

That’s all for our guide on how to find Tandemaus in Pokemon Scarlet and Violet. We hope it was helpful. Best of luck catching one! Want to catch more Pokemon? Here are some guides that will help you:

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