The iconic and awe-inspiring Stonjourner, a newly introduced rock-type Pokemon, is reminiscent of Stonehenge in the beloved installments of Pokemon Scarlet And Violet. This towering Pokemon is composed entirely of rock and has a distinctively rectangular shape. Despite lacking the ability to evolve, Stonjourner’s remarkable base stats are enough to easily take down any other Pokemon. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to Catch Stonjourner In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet.

Where To Find The Stonjourner (Location) In Pokemon Scarlet And Violet

If you’re looking for a Stonjourner, it spawns in one location only – the Asado Desert. To get there, head over to Paldea’s western side and take the Northern exit towards Cascarrafa city. The elusive Stonjourner Pokemon is rarely seen, but its home is the picturesque Asado Desert when it does appear.

Keep in mind that when locating this Pokemon, its level will always fall between 20 and 25. So keep a close eye on the desert terrain near the northern exit point to find Stonjourner. If it’s not there, be persistent and check again – you’ll eventually stumble upon one. When your way to the desert, you can set the course where you like; Stonjourner doesn’t spawn at any specific location inside the Asado Desert.

Eventually, you will come across Stonjourner; all you need to do is roam around the area and wait for the spawn.

Note: Exclusively available in Pokemon Scarlet, Stonjourner can only be obtained in Pokemon Violet through trading with a friend.

How To Catch Stonjourner

With its outstanding base stats, the Stonjourner is a highly sought-after Pokemon that can be difficult to find. When you locate this Pokemon, prepare for a tough battle, as catching it won’t be so effortless. When battling against Stonjourner, the best Pokemon to use is a Bug/Freeze type. For maximum success in capturing this opponent, you must lower its HP as soon as possible. This will enhance your chances of winning and ultimately catching Stonjourner!


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Stonjourner Base and Level 50 Stats

Base StatsValueRank
Level 50 StatsMax0Nat0EV-NatMin

That is all for now on catching Stonjourner in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. Now that you know where and how to catch it, go on an adventure into the Asado Desert and see if you can find one yourself! With a bit of determination and luck, you could be successful. Good luck out there, trainers. Want to know more about Pokemon locations and stats? Here are some guides you might like:

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