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How to Catch Shiny Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy (Farming)

How to Farm for Shiny Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy


Welcome to the ultimate guide on catching the elusive Shiny Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy! As any wizard or witch knows, encountering a Shiny Graphorn in the wild is an extremely rare and exciting experience.

It’s possible, however, to add this majestic creature to your shiny beast collection if you follow the right strategy.

In this guide, we will walk you through the easy steps you can take to increase your chances of catching a Shiny Graphorn and making it a valuable addition to your magical menagerie. Grab your wand, pack some supplies, and let’s go see the Shiny Graphorn.

Best Ways to Farm for Shiny Graphorn

Graphorn Den Location in Clagmar Coast
Graphorn Den Location in Clagmar Coast.

Unlike other beasts in Hogwarts Legacy, there is only one den where you can find Graphorn. This den is located in the Clagmar Coast and while you can visit this den at any point in the game, you won’t able to find any Graphorn there until you play a specific story mission.


To avoid spoilers we won’t be sharing which story mission you will have to play but know that it is towards the end of the game, you will automatically know which one it is.

After completing the story mission, you can go to the location shown in the image above, where you will find the Graphorn Den. This time, a Graphorn will have spawned. You can visit the Graphorn Den any time to catch this beast, but what makes a Shiny Graphorn extremely hard to farm is the fact that only one spawns on the map at a time.

Farming Method #1 – Create Manual Save

Create a manual save from the settings menu.

The first method to farm for a Shiny Graphorn is creating a manual save right before you reach the location. Do a manual save before you can actually see the Graphorn in its den. Usually, staying at least 100m away works well. After creating a manual save, enter the den to see if a Shiny Graphorn has spawned. If not, you can load the manual save and keep trying until Shiny spawns at that location.

Farming Method #2 – Keep Changing the Time of Day

Another farming method is changing the time of day. Go to the Graphorn den and see if a Shiny variant has spawned. If it hasn’t you can leave the area so that the Graphorn is out of sight, change the time of day (from night to day or day to night), and come back to the den. You can keep doing this until you get lucky!

Farming Method #3 – Breed a Shiny Graphorn

The third and final known Shiny Graphorn farming method is breeding two regular Graphorn. You have a breeding pen feel free to use it to breed two regular Graphorn and hope for the best. It is important to note that getting a Shiny Graphorn in Hogwarts Legacy is completely based on luck.

Some players have reported that the manual save method works the best but even that had to be done at least 30 to 40 times before a Shiny dropped. On the bright side, there are players who got the Shiny Graphorn immediately.

When and if the Shiny variant drops for you, use the NAB Sack to catch it.

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