Want to know how to summon, beat, and catch the legendary Mothza Supreme in Bugsnax! This guide will take you through the exciting journey of Cromdo’s questline, leading you to the epic battle with Mothza Supreme. Catching Mothza Supreme isn’t too different from Megamaki and Mama Mewon.


We’ll provide step-by-step instructions on how to summon this elusive creature, strategies to defeat it, and tips on how to catch it. Plus, we’ll show you how to challenge Mothza Supreme for a rematch. So, get ready to embark on an adventurous journey in the world of Bugsnax!

Where to Find Mothza Supreme

The journey to capture Mothza Supreme, a legendary Bugsnak, begins with Cromdo’s side quests in the game. Cromdo, a resident of Snaktooth Island, is on a quest for riches and believes that a treasure map will lead him to a legendary Bugsnak. To start this adventure, you need to complete two preliminary quests for Cromdo:

“Deal or No Deal” – This quest requires you to catch a Buffalocust for Cromdo.
“Inside Man” – This quest involves a stealth mission to retrieve something from Triffany.
Once you’ve completed these quests, Cromdo will guide you to the Sizzlin’ Sands area for the final quest, “A Slice of Heaven.” Here, you’ll find a pyramid, which is the key to summoning Mothza Supreme.


How to Summon Mothza Supreme

At the pyramid, Cromdo will reveal a hidden switch on top, causing a stone pizza cutter to emerge from the ground in front of one of the surrounding statues. You can activate this pizza cutter using your Snak Grappler, which will break open a coffin to reveal a Bombino, a pizza roll-like Bugsnak.

Carry the Bombino to the top of the pyramid and throw it onto the central pedestal. This will blow off the stone cap of the pedestal, revealing a spot for your Lunchpad. Once you place the Lunchpad, Mothza Supreme will appear, and the battle begins.

How to Beat and Catch Mothza Supreme

The battle with Mothza Supreme involves using your Snak Grappler, Lunchpad, and the Bombinos that crawl around the arena. Mothza Supreme will circle the pyramid, occasionally spawning tornadoes. Your goal is to knock it to the ground using the Bombinos.

To bring down Mothza Supreme, you need to use the Bombinos, your Lunchpad, and perfect timing. First, pick up a Bombino and place it on your Lunchpad. Wait for Mothza Supreme to pause in its flight, then launch the Bombino at it. This will cause Mothza Supreme to fall, dazed, near one of the pizza cutter statues.


Quickly, equip your Snak Grappler and activate the pizza cutter. You need to repeat this sequence three times. After the third time, Mothza Supreme will be small enough for you to capture.

How to Refight Mothza Supreme

Once you’ve successfully captured Mothza Supreme, you have the option to challenge it again. To do this, go back to the Sizzlin’ Sands area and look for a statue that resembles Mothza Supreme on top of the pyramid. By interacting with this statue, you can summon Mothza Supreme for a rematch.

Keep in mind, the journey to capture Mothza Supreme is part of Cromdo’s missions. Completing this mission gets you closer to unlocking the Isle of Bigsnax DLC content.