Catching Megamaki in Bugsnax begins with a series of quests from Wiggle, a resident of Sugarpine Woods. After convincing her to return to Snakburg, you can start her questline, which revolves around her search for inspiration through eating Bugsnax. The process of catching Megamaki is pretty similar to the one we used when catching Mama Mewon.


Wiggle’s first quest, “Yellow Submarine,” involves feeding her some Sub Sandopedes. Her second quest, “Fly Me to the Moon,” requires you to bring her a White Cheepoof. Once you complete both quests, you can start Wiggle’s final quest, “Dance with the Dragon,” which takes place in Boiling Bay. You’ll need to have convinced Floofty to return to Snakburg to start this quest.

Upon accepting the quest, you’ll automatically travel to Boiling Bay. Follow Wiggle to a shipwreck, where she’ll start singing to summon a legendary Bugsnax – the Megamaki.

How to Catch Megamaki

The fight with Megamaki is a strategic battle that requires the use of your Trip Shot and Bug Net. As the battle commences, Megamaki, a colossal sushi-like Bugsnak, begins to patrol its territory. Your mission is to trip up Megamaki using your Trip Shot. You can attach the Trip Shot to the towering chopsticks or any of the wooden structures scattered across the area.


When Megamaki collides with the Trip Shot wire, it disassembles into smaller segments known as Minimakis. Your next task is to chase these Minimakis and capture them with your Bug Net before they reassemble into Megamaki. Continue this process until you’ve secured all the Minimakis.

However, be cautious! Megamaki has a defensive move where it spews out a stream of flying fish roe. These can demolish the chopsticks and your Trip Shot, so it’s crucial to distance yourself from the chopsticks when this attack is launched.

After you’ve secured all the Minimakis, Megamaki will cease its movements, allowing you to capture it with your net. Feed the captured Megamaki to Wiggle to conclude her quest.

catch megamaki with this quest.

How to Refight Megamaki

Once you’ve triumphed over Megamaki, you can summon it for a rematch. This can be done by interacting with the statue that materializes on a sandy ledge out at sea after the battle. The battle will recommence, including the scenes with Wiggle.


Remember, securing Megamaki is a crucial part of Wiggle’s missions, and accomplishing it propels you a step closer to unlocking the Isle of Bigsnax DLC content. This update unveils a brand new biome for players to explore, teeming with new Bugsnax to capture.