Your journey to catch the Legendary Mama Mewon starts with a side quest from Chandlo, a resident of Sugarpine Woods. After convincing him to return to Snakburg, you can start his questline in Bugsnax, which revolves around his personal goal of getting strong enough to protect Snorpy.


Chandlo’s first quest, “Beef Up!”, involves feeding him three meaty and aggressive Bugsnax – three Bungers will do the trick. His second quest, “Weigh In!”, requires you to drop weights on Chandlo using the Snakgrappler. This task needs good timing.

Once you complete both quests, you can start Chandlo’s final quest, “Throw Down!”. This quest leads you to Mama Mewon. Upon accepting the quest, you’ll automatically travel to Flavor Falls.

Follow Chandlo to a hidden area of Flavor Falls, where Chandlo will open a stone door leading to Mama Mewon.


How to Beat and Catch Mama Mewon

The battle with Mama Mewon is a two-part process. In the first part, you need to set your Snak Trap near one of the statues in the arena, right under a stalactite. The Wee Mewons, who are always hopping around, will be drawn to the trap.

Once you’ve caught a Wee Mewon in your trap, Mama Mewon will rush towards the statue, breaking it as she charges. Now, it’s time to use your Snakgrappler to pull down the stalactite hanging above the statue, causing it to fall on Mama Mewon.

This process needs to be repeated a few times. After a while, Mama Mewon will transform, and Chandlo will step in to divert her attention from you. When Mama Mewon is dazed under another stalactite, use this chance to drop one more stalactite on her to end the fight. Now, you can approach the melon-sized creature and use your net to catch Mama Mewon.

How to Refight Mama Mewon

Once you’ve defeated her, you can bring Mama Mewon back for a rematch. This can be done by interacting with the statue that appears in the middle of her arena after the fight. The battle will restart, with Chandlo’s scenes included.


Keep in mind, securing Mama Mewon is a key part of Chandlo’s missions, and finishing it brings you a step closer to accessing the Isle of Bigsnax DLC content. This update opens up a whole new area for players to explore, filled with new Bugsnax to secure.

That’s the end of our guide on catching Mama Mewon. There is a lot more to read so check our guides on How to Increase Inventory Space, How to Change Time of Day, and All Clues Locations.


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