Crafted to provide an enjoyable experience, Pokemon Scarlet ensures that you’re never left wanting entertainment. Even once the storyline has been finished, there are still plenty of fun activities, like catching your favorite Pokemon! Take Koraidon – a Fighting/Dragon type with Orichalcum Pulse as its Ability and no gender because it is a Paradox Pokemon. With such impressive attributes and so much worth exploring in-game, why wait? Start your adventure today!

When the game ends, Koraidon will be transformed into its Apex Form. If you’re willing to take on the challenge of battling this creature, you have nothing to worry about – just one small catch! You must give up your mount for it. But don’t fret; if you’d instead not rid yourself of your ride permanently when Koraidon joins your Party, switch it back into its Ride Form at any time. If you’d instead opt for something else, why not consider another Koraidon?

With the right approach and patience, Koraidon can be caught. Make sure your squad is well-stocked with healing items, Buffs & Debuffs, and other Pokémon that will assist in battle before beginning. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to catch Koraidon In Pokemon Scarlet.

Where To Find And How to Catch Koraidon In Pokemon Scarlet

If you’re looking to locate Koraidon, Area Zero is your go-to destination. All it takes is a descent into the crater and onto the ramp leading directly to it! With Paradox Pokemon calling this place home, there’s no other better option for those seeking out their mythical encounter.

As Koraidon is a 72 Level Pokemon, it’s worth highlighting that extra caution must be taken when dealing with this species. Additionally, the new Tera Form for the peculiar Koraidon takes on a Fighting type instead of its original Dragon-based form. Therefore, you need to adjust your strategies accordingly!

As it’s a new type of Koraidon, the moves you can do with this Pokemon will be distinct from what you’re used to – think Giga Impact, Bulk Up, Collision Course, and Flamethrower.

At last, it’s time to use the much-anticipated Master Ball you’ve been holding for capturing Legendary Pokemon. With only 15 Ultra Balls on Koraidon, it should become weakened and ready for catching in no time!

That’s all there is to know about catching Koraidon in Pokemon Scarlet. If you want to read more about the game, here are some suggestions:

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