The quest to catch the legendary Daddy Cakelegs in Bugsnax is part of Snorpy’s side quests in the game. Snorpy, a resident of Snaktooth Island, is on a mission to uncover the truth about the Grumpinati, a secret society he believes is spying on him. You need to complete two quests for Snorpy:

  1. “Splitting Up” – This quest requires you to catch a Scoopy Banoopy for Snorpy.
  2. “Get Lit” – This quest involves using the Trip Shot, a tool that will be crucial in your battle against Daddy Cakelegs.

After completing these quests, Snorpy will guide you to the Frosted Peak area for the final quest, “Cake Boss.” Here, you’ll find a cave where the battle with Daddy Cakelegs will take place.

How to Summon Daddy Cakelegs

In the heart of a cave at the foot of the mountain, you’ll find a birthday candle poking out from a pile of snow. This is where you’ll call forth Daddy Cakelegs. To do this, you need to use your Trip Shot. Position it on a nearby lantern that’s on fire, then aim and shoot a wire at the candle. This will awaken Daddy Cakelegs.

How to Beat and Catch Daddy Cakelegs

The fight with Daddy Cakelegs is a strategic game of using your Trip Shot and dealing with the ice pillars that the creature summons. Daddy Cakelegs will roam around the cave, and your mission is to ignite both of the birthday candles on its sides. To achieve this, set your Trip Shot on the burning lantern, then aim and shoot a wire across one of the ice pillars. This will create a fiery wire that Daddy Cakelegs will run into, lighting one of its candles.


Once you’ve lit the first candle, Daddy Cakelegs will replenish any missing ice pillars. Use the same strategy to light the other candle. After both candles are lit, Daddy Cakelegs will disintegrate into smaller Bugsnax, known as Baby Cakelegs.

You can trail these tiny creatures out of the cave and around the left side of the mountain to another snow mound with a birthday candle. Repeat the steps from the first phase here, but this time, use the campfire nearby to light your Trip Shot.

In the final stage of the fight, Daddy Cakelegs will become more unpredictable and aggressive. As you set up your Trip Shot on the campfire, the boss monster will scuttle around, even climbing the side of the mountain. To figure out where to place your Trip Shot, scan the boss to learn its movement pattern. Ignite the single candle on its head, and the boss will shrink in size. Once it’s small enough, you can approach it and capture it.

How to Refight Daddy Cakelegs

After you beat Daddy Cakelegs, you have the option to challenge it again. To do this, go back to the Frosted Peak area and look for a statue that resembles Daddy Cakelegs inside the cave. By interacting with this statue, you can summon Daddy Cakelegs for a rematch.


Keep in mind, the journey to capture Daddy Cakelegs is part of Snorpy’s missions. Completing this mission gets you closer to unlocking the Isle of Bigsnax DLC content.


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