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How To Catch Black Marketeer In Palworld


The Black Marketeer can be found in specific locations on the game map and they are the most sought after merchants in the game. But did you know? You can actually catch them like any other pal or human in the game? Its not easy to do but you can do this to bring a Black Marketeer back to your home base and access their inventory whenever.

How To Catch A Black Marketeer In Palworld

Once you find a Black Marketeer you want to capture, engage in combat with him but ensure you have powerful pal spheres, like Hyper Spheres or Ultra Spheres, as the Black Marketeer is very strong. Lower-level spheres like Giga Spheres might not be effective. Approach and initiate combat with the Black Marketeer. Be aware that the Black Marketeer is not only armed with a machine gun but his bird will spawn attack you.

The best way to deal with a Black Marketeer is to try to separate the Black Marketeer from his bird first. Use tactics like line of sighting to avoid getting hit by the Black Marketeer’s machine gun. This is usually done by running away from both of them and breaking the Black Marketeer’s line of sight by hiding behind a rock while targeting the bird until its dead or captured.

Use poison arrows or other damage-over-time abilities to weaken the Black Marketeer gradually.

Use any rock formation to bring the line of sight and target the bird first.

Once the Black Marketeer is sufficiently weakened, use your capture sphere (preferably a hypersphere) to capture him. Be careful not to accidentally kill him during the process. Once captured, the Black Marketeer can be added to your base.

He loses the ability to use the machine gun when in your party but can still be utilized to buy and sell contraband at your base. The Pals available through the Black Marketeer are typically of higher quality than those from regular Pal merchants.

You can reset the Pals offered by the Black Marketeer by swapping him out of the pal box and respawning him, allowing you to continuously access different types of rare Pals with good skills for purchase.

Lastly, Black Marketeers are high level merchants so you won’t be able to catch them early on. Make sure your level is high enough, 35-40, before you attempt to catch one.

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