Capturing an Elite Target Specimen is one of the first missions in Rainbow Six: Extraction. This is a difficult mission as you will have to keep the target alive and lure him to extract the target.

The elite target is a bit difficult to handle as well, so don’t bother using your guns a bit just to slow him down. So, this is how you should capture the elite target in Rainbow Six Extraction.

Rainbow Six Extraction: Capturing the Elite Specimen

So, to capture the Elite Specimen, we need to lure the target towards the extraction point. This means that we are not going to use guns intensively but make use of traps and keep in sight of him. We keep in sight of the Elite enemy to make it follow us to the extraction point. Players should know that the longer you engage in a fight with the Elite Target the chances of it dying increase and would create problems for you. So, just focus on getting him to the extraction point.

Communication and Cooperating with your team are vital in a game like Rainbow Six. This is necessary due to the fact that you will be playing in a Co-op environment with your friends. Now, to capture the Elite Specimen, you need to lay down some traps and baits. This would make it follow you by taking the baits laid down by you.

You need to have approval from all the operators to make the target follow you into the area where you have set up the traps. When the target is in that area just use the keyboard in that area to activate the traps. Another thing to keep in mind is that you need to wait for the target to step on the triangle, then trigger the trap.

Then, you will see the target falling on the ground and you can now extract this Elite Specimen in Rainbow Six Extraction. Need more help? See How to Unlock Tech, How to Heal, How to Get Injector.

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