Did you know? You can actually buy your own auto shop in GTA Online? In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to buy Auto Shop in Grand Theft Auto Online and access the Los Santos Car Meets missions.

GTA Online: How to Buy Auto Shop

Open the map and mark the LS logo and follow it to reach the LS Car Meet in Cypres Flats. Go inside and speak with BB and Pau. After you speak with both of them you will be able to buy an Auto Shop.

Your next stop is Maze Bank Foreclosures on your mobile. Through your phone, you will be able to buy an Auto Shop starting from $1,670,000. Keep in mind that you’ll need to spend $50,000 on the LS Car Meet Membership.

The following is the complete list of GTA Online Auto Shops and their prices.

  1. Strawberry: 1,705,000
  2. Mission Row: $1,670,000
  3. La Mesa: $1, 920, 000
  4. Burton: $1,830,000
  5. Rancho: $1,750,000

Once you have access to your new Auto Shop, head to the upper floor where you can start new missions. You will also earn passive income from your Auto Shop and have complete access to the Exotic Exports List which lets you steal 10 exotic cars in Los Santos.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to get to the Auto Shop. Need more help? Visit our GTA Online guide hub.

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