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How To Buy And Sell Items And Houses In House Flipper 2

Looking to buy and sell items in House Flipper 2? I spent over 30 hours playing the game and this is everything I have learned through my experience with buying and selling in House Flipper 2. You can not only sell items but also sell houses which makes sense since the name of the game is “House Flipper 2.”

Buying Items And Houses

Press the Tab key to open the ‘Store’ tab. This is where all the purchasable items are listed. Switch to the Store tab from the quests tab to explore different categories and sub-categories of items. Browse or use the Search Bar to find specific items. Once you find the required item, select it to purchase. The item will then appear in the player’s hands, ready to be placed in the desired location.

Store menu for buying and selling items.

Initially, you’ll earn money by completing missions. When you have enough you you can then buy houses in House Flipper 2.

On your in-game laptop, access the browser. Look through available properties for sale. Select a property within your budget, ideally a less expensive one for starters, as it minimizes financial risk while you learn the ropes​​.

Note: Progress through the main story to unlock the auction system​​.

Selling Items And Houses

To sell an item, first equip the Flipper Tool from the Tool Menu. Aim the Flipper Tool at the item you wish to sell and press the Left Mouse Button (LMB). The selling price of each item will be displayed on the screen of the Flipper Tool while aiming at the item.

Before you can sell a property, you should renovate it. Start by removing trash and cleaning stains. Address damaged areas, like repairing walls and fixing leaky pipes. Apply new paint, wallpaper, and flooring. Aim for designs that appeal to potential buyers. Add essential furniture and decorations, prioritizing items like beds and couches​​.

Note: Duplicate items and copy styles to streamline the renovation process.

After renovations, prepare the house for sale by highlighting its best features, like a renovated kitchen or a spacious backyard. This makes the house more appealing and potentially increases its value​​.

To sell the house:

  1. Start the Auction: Go to the ‘Houses’ tab on your laptop and select ‘Auction’.
  2. Evaluate Bids: Review the bids from potential buyers.
  3. Negotiate or Accept: Either accept the highest bid or negotiate for a better price​​.

Initially, focus on unlocking selling house perks by buying, cleaning, and quickly selling houses. This will earn you XP and unlock perks like ‘Real Realtor’ and ‘Business Shark’, which improve your selling power​​. Increasing the number of rooms in a house can significantly boost its selling price. A house with more, smaller rooms often sells for more than one with fewer, larger rooms​​.

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