How to Build the Artisan Table in Valheim

artisan table valheim

Among the most important elements of Valheim is the Artisan Table. Anyone looking to unlock higher-tier crafting structures must have an Artisan Table ready to go in Valheim. In this guide, there is everything you need to know on how to make the Artisan Table in Valehim.

How to Build the Artisan Table in Valheim

To build the Artisan Table in Valheim you need 2x Dragon Tear and 10x Wood. But before you can craft the Artisan Table you need to kill Moder. The boss drops the Dragon Tears you need to build the table.

Once you have the ingredients you can craft the table and through the table, you can get your hands on the Blast Furnace, Windmill, and Spinning Wheel.

How to Summon and Kill Moder

Moder is on the Mountain. It is a big black dragon and she is summoned by collecting 3x dragon eggs. Place the eggs on a sacrificial altar in the mountain. Moder will soon appear and the boss fight begins. The boss uses both melee and ariel attacks. It is best to use ranged attacks against Moder. Also, avoid her explosive projectiles as they deal significant damage.

And that’s all you need to know on how to build the Artisan Table. If you need more help visit how to heal, how to build portals, and how to level ground guides.

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