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How To Build Automated Sphere Assembly In Palworld


Palworld offers a captivating experience for players, especially when it comes to crafting items essential for gameplay, like Spheres used for catching Pals. One intriguing aspect is setting up a Sphere Assembly Line, which requires a blend of strategic planning and resource gathering. Since we have already discussed how to build an ore assembly line, in this guide we will go through everything you need to know on how to build an automated sphere assembly line in Palworld.

How To Build An Automated Sphere Assembly Line

The journey to building an automated Sphere Assembly Line in Palworld begins once you hit Player Level 27. At this level, the Sphere Assembly Line, also known as Sphere Factory II, becomes accessible in the Technology tab. To unlock it, you’ll need three Technology Points. Once unlocked, the Sphere Assembly Line can be located under the Pal tab inside the Build Menu.

Building the Sphere Assembly Line is not just about unlocking it; you need specific materials. These materials are crucial for constructing the machinery:

  • 30x Paldium Fragments
  • 50x Wood
  • 100x Ingots
  • 20x Nails
automated sphere assembly line crafting recipe in Palworld.
Automated Sphere Assembly Line crafting recipe.

With these materials in hand, select the Sphere Assembly Line from the build menu and place it at your desired location. Your Pals will assist in constructing the Sphere Line Assembly, setting the stage for Sphere production.

How To Power The Sphere Assembly Line

Once your Sphere Assembly Line is built, the next challenge is powering it. For this, you need to be at least at Player Level 26 to access and build a Power Generator. Similar to the Sphere Assembly Line, unlocking the Power Generator requires three Technology Points. The materials needed for the Power Generator are:

  • 50 Ingots
  • 20 Electric Organs

Position your Power Generator adjacent to the Sphere Assembly Line. An Electric Element-type Pal is required to charge the Power Generator. This step is vital to make your Sphere Assembly Line operational.

With power supplied, it’s time to start producing Spheres. Assign a Pal with Handiwork Work Suitability to the Sphere Assembly Line. This ensures efficient production and grants you easy access to various types of Spheres right at your base.

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