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How To Build Automated Ore Farm In Palworld


Building an automated ore farm in Palworld is a game-changer for any player looking to streamline their resource gathering process. With the right setup, your Pals—creatures in Palworld with various abilities—can mine ores for you, freeing up time to explore, battle, or build elsewhere in the game. Here’s a guide to setting up your own automated ore farming in Palworld, inspired by insights from Boomstick Gaming.

How To Build An Automated Ore Farm

Your quest for automation begins with selecting an ideal location. Look for areas dense with ore rocks. If you head northwest from the starting point, you’ll find four prime spots rich in ore. The chosen site should accommodate a PO Box and a wooden chest, strategically placed to capture as many ore nodes within the PO Box’s radius and position the chest nearby for easy storage.

Here’s what you’ll need to place:

After securing your location, lay down the foundational structures:

  • PO Box: Your base’s command center.
  • Wooden Chest: For storing mined ores.
  • Beds: To rest your mining Pals.
  • Feed Box: To keep your Pals nourished and energized.

This setup is crucial for the comfort and efficiency of your Pals, ensuring they remain productive.

These elements are crucial for the efficiency and sustainability of your ore farm.

Best Ore farm locations.

The core of your operation lies in recruiting Pals with mining and transportation abilities. Creatures like Digtoise, Dumud, or Combat are adept at ore mining. For instance, Digtoise and Dumud excel in mining efficiency, found in specific locations like sandy deserts or highlighted areas for night-time mining. Assigning one Pal with transportation skills is essential for moving ores from the mining site to the chest seamlessly.

Sustaining Your Operation

For a truly automated ore farm, maintaining your Pals’ happiness and well-being is key. Incorporate these structures to ensure their needs are met:

  • Berry Plantation: Provides a steady food supply. If you can’t set this up immediately, remember to manually replenish the feed box or consider swapping Pals as their sanity decreases.
  • Hot Spring: Offers a relaxation spot for your Pals to unwind and restore their spirits.

These amenities not only keep your Pals happy but also ensure they continue working efficiently without frequent manual intervention.

Boosting your Pals’ mining efficiency can be achieved through the Statue of Power, where feeding them Pal Souls enhances their work speed. However, balance is key, as overworking Pals can lead to sickness or injuries. Monitoring their health and happiness is essential for sustained productivity.

After setting up and letting your Pals toil for two in-game days, the fruits of your labor become evident. An automated ore farm can yield hundreds of ores without you needing to lift a pickaxe. This efficiency not only demonstrates the power of automation in Palworld but also frees up your time to explore, battle, and build elsewhere.

With your automated ore farm up and running, you’ll enjoy a steady influx of ores, essential for crafting, trading, or completing various in-game objectives.

Some Tips To Consider

  • Strategic Placement: Maximize the efficiency of your PO Box and chest placement to ensure the highest possible ore collection within the farm’s radius.
  • Pal Care: Regularly check on your Pals’ needs, ensuring they have enough food, rest, and happiness to continue working efficiently.
  • Resource Management: Keep an eye on the feed box and berry plantation to maintain a steady food supply, preventing any downtime in mining operations.
  • Expansion and Upgrades: As your resources grow, consider expanding your operation with more Pals and upgraded facilities to further increase your ore output.
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