In V Rising, Roofs that can be opened and closed for ventilation are beneficial to your resources and prevent harmful sunlight from seeping into your base Roofs are a lot more trouble to install than many people seem to imagine. Although walls and floors are simple enough to put down, roofs don’t appear to exist.

The Best Way To Build a Roof in V Rising

In the game V Rising, players are tasked with building a haven for themselves and their fellow survivors after a cataclysmic event. One of the game’s key features is constructing rooms with reinforced walls and floors.

It protects against the dangers that lurk outside. However, players must be careful when designing their rooms, as adding too many walls or floors can result in the game automatically adding a roof to the room.

While this may seem reasonable, the roof will block out all sunlight, making it difficult to see inside the room and potentially trapping survivors inside. Players should, therefore, only build rooms with as many walls and floors as they need to ensure that their survivors have access to light and air.

Why Build a Roof in V Rising is Important

The addition of a roof to a room can profoundly impact both the function and appearance of the space. From a functional standpoint, a roof helps to protect against the elements, providing shade from the sun and shelter from the rain.

In addition, many resource-refining structures such as sawmills and furnaces gain a bonus to their refinement speed when inside an entirely confined castle room. Aesthetically, a roof can change the entire feel of a space, transforming it from an open and airy room to a more intimate and sheltered one. Whether for function or style, the addition of a roof can significantly impact any room.

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