In V Rising, the player needs to upgrade constantly to survive as a vampire. As the level increases, you face more advanced enemies, which require you to have different items in your inventory to compete with them. That’s where the research comes in. Research allows you to craft new items. This guide will share complete information on how research works in V Rising.

Research Explained

Just like any research, it allows you to the new technologies. Similarly, In V rising, research allows the player to have new items. But to start research, players need some materials to initiate the research. Following materials are required to start any research.

  • Research Table
  • Paper
  • Research book

How Materials Are Crafted To Start Research

The materials mentioned earlier are required to start the research. Now how to craft them to start the research.

First is a research table, not a built-in item. You need 120 Animal Hide, 80 Stones, and 8 Planks to craft. When you have gathered all these items go to the Build menu and set a research Table.

The second item that you need to start researching is paper. Paper is available for the player as loot, or you can generate it using Paper Press. The paper press will need plant fiber and sawdust to craft the paper. Every crafting recipe needs you to have 50 papers.

Next, you need to start collecting research books. These books are usually collected as loot or rewards after killing different bosses. Press the Research tab if you are using research books and press the Research Tables menu tab and use the Discover option if the paper is in use.

Scrolls are also an item that can help you in research. It would be best to have Gem Dust and paper through the paper press to craft scrolls. The other way to get it is through Dawnbreak Village and Moswick Village.

Schematics are used at a higher level. Schematics recipe is acquired after you defeat V-blood boss through silver or Spectral dust to combine with scrolls to craft schematics. The place of schematics crafting is at the Army settlement.

That is all you need to know about the Research mechanics in V Rising. Need more help? See Best PvP Abilities, Vincent the Frostbringer Boss Fight, How to Get Paper.

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