How To Build A City In Humankind

Influence Humankind, How To Build A City In Humankind

Humankind is a game where players can create an entire civilization from scratch. However, players have to start small and then make their way towards civilization.
First, players have to build a city and this Humankind guide will help players with how to build outposts and how to evolve the outposts into cities.

How To Build Cities

Before players can build a city, they have to build or establish an outpost. Players start with nothing in Humankind and players have to hunt animals and collect Curiosities in order to establish an outpost. Here are the spots ideal for an outpost and the things players need to remember to quickly grow the outpost.

  • Building an outpost close to a River can be really beneficial. The importance of rivers doesn’t get diminished as the city or culture progresses. Rivers grants a boost to both Industry and Food.
  • Fortification of the outpost of the city comes later but if players can find a place at a height like a hill or a mountain, then go for it. Eventually, players will need to fortify. So it’s better to be prepared.
  • Resources are necessary. Try to build the outpost close to Copper reserves and Horses, as these two resources are necessary to build special units which can be useful early on.
  • Try to find a place with at least five or six of both Food and Production as a baseline.
  • The outpost will grow as quickly depending on the Industry tile. So production is key, and players need to make sure industry and production are prioritized.

How To Convert Outpost Into City

Once players have established a thriving outpost in Humankind, they can convert it into a city. The first outpost upgrade into a city is free. Every subsequent outpost requires influence to evolve into a City. Each outpost costs more influence and the further you are from the first city, the more it’ll cost for players to evolve the outpost into a city.

Attach Outpost To A City

Players don’t always have to evolve the outpost into a city as they can just attach the outpost with an adjacent City for more influence. Players can attach multiple outposts to a city. This way players can balance industry and food to provide the city. Players can have one outpost dedicated to the industry while the other provides food.

However, connecting an outpost to a city reduces the city’s stability. The more outposts are attached the less stability the city has.

That is all for our Humankind guide on how to build cities, how to build outposts and evolve into a city. For more on the game, also see our How To Increase Stability and How To Easily Win A War.

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