Valheim, the Viking-themed survival game, offers players a vast world to explore, filled with various challenges and crafting opportunities. One of the essential items players will need early on is a bed. Not only does it provide a respawn point, but it also allows players to skip the night and benefit from other in-game effects. This guide will walk you through the process of crafting and building a bed in Valheim, detailing its uses and the effects of sleeping.


Bed Crafting Recipe and Materials

To craft a bed in Valheim, players will need the following materials:

  • Wood: 8 pieces

Once you’ve gathered the necessary wood, approach a workbench. Here, you’ll find the option to craft a bed in Valheim. Ensure that you have the required materials in your inventory and proceed with the crafting.

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Uses of the Bed

The primary use of a bed in Valheim is to set a player’s respawn point. This means that if a player meets an untimely end in the game, they will respawn at the last bed they claimed, rather than starting from the initial spawn point. This feature is especially useful when exploring dangerous areas or dungeons, as players can strategically place beds in nearby outposts to reduce the time it takes to return to a specific location.


Effects of Sleeping

Sleeping in Valheim offers several benefits:

  • Time Advancement: Sleeping allows players to fast-forward the game clock to the next morning, skipping the dangers of nighttime.
  • Crafting Boost: As the game progresses in fast-forward mode while sleeping, crafting stations that process materials continue to operate. This feature is beneficial for players looking to refine large volumes of materials quickly.
  • Dreaming: There’s a 10% chance for players to experience a dream while sleeping, adding a touch of mystery to the game.

However, there are certain conditions that players must meet to sleep:

  • It must be afternoon or night.
  • No enemies should be nearby.
  • The bed must have a roof and provide 80% cover.
  • A fire source should be close.
  • The player must not be wet.

How To Claim A Bed In Valheim

In Valheim, merely crafting a bed isn’t enough to set it as your respawn point. You must also claim it. Claiming a bed ensures that it’s recognized as your personal sleeping spot and will be the location you respawn at if you perish in the game. Here’s how to claim a bed:

  1. Ensure Proper Shelter: Before a bed can be claimed, it must have adequate shelter. This means the bed should be placed under a roof and have at least 80% cover. This is crucial as the game won’t allow you to claim a bed that’s exposed to the elements.
  2. Approach the Bed: Walk up to the bed you’ve crafted and wish to claim.
  3. Interact with the Bed: Look directly at the bed and press the [E] key (or the corresponding interaction key based on your control settings). This action will claim the bed, and you’ll see a notification indicating that the bed is now set as your new spawn point.
  4. Respawn Point Set: Once claimed, the bed becomes your new respawn point. If you meet an untimely end in the game, you’ll respawn at this bed.
  5. Exclusive Claim: It’s essential to note that once a bed has been claimed by a player, other players in the same server cannot override that claim unless the bed is destroyed and then re-placed. This ensures that each player has their unique respawn point, preventing any in-game conflicts.

Crafting a bed in Valheim is a straightforward process, but its benefits are manifold. From setting respawn points to accelerating crafting processes, the bed is an indispensable tool for every Viking looking to conquer the world of Valheim.