Over the course of Empire of Sin, there will be times when you need to deal with the cops. There is a cool mechanic in the game that lets you handle cops by bribing them to get your way. In this guide, there is all the information you need to know how to bribe cops in the Empire of Sin.

Empire of Sin: How to Bribe Cops

To find the cops go to the Diplo menu after you click on the handshake sign. Click on the arrow keys to open up the menu and perform the following actions:

  • Bribe: Pay cash to the cops to boost faction rating.
  • Bail All: Pay the cops to bail out all of your gang members.
  • Clean Slate: Bribe the cops to bring your faction into a neutral state. Make sure no crew members are in prison. The cost goes up due to a negative rating.
  • Shop: Bribe the cops to get your hands on weapons from the Chicago PD’s armory. This shop is separate from the black market.
  • Get Protection: Bribe the cops to offer your business protection for 6 months. You need the honorary deputy rank for this.
  • Turn a Blind Eye: Bribe the cops to stop raiding your rackets.

And that’s all you need to know to bribe cops in Empire of Sin. If you need more help check out our Empire of Sin Wiki.

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