As you progress in Evil Genius 2 you will recruit plenty of minions. Eventually, each of these minions will play a crucial role in your empire. However, people who work for you require money and money is one of the most crucial resources in Evil Genius 2. There is a way to save money and force minions to work for you. In this guide,  I will explain everything you need to know on how to brainwash in Evil Genius 2.


Evil Genius 2: How to Brainwash Enemies

To brainwash in Evil Genius 2 you need a holding cell and a Brainwasher 2000. You can purchase these items with money and set them up in the prison area. In case you don’t have room, you can try to re-organize items to make some space for these items. If even that doesn’t work, expand the prison to the upper floor.

You can capture enemy agents when they invade your facilities. Use the Brainwasher 2000 to brainwash enemy agents and force them to work for you. Use agents who don’t need intel and take them from the holding cell to the Brainwasher 2000. After the process is complete the captured agent will turn into a worker, ready to complete any task you give them.

You can train the worker to turn into any type of minion you want. Getting minions through the brainwashing method is a one-time investment. You don’t need money to hire them so a lot of saving there. Agents that come to your facilities are a great source of free minions once you acquire the Brainwasher 2000.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to brainwash enemies in Evil Genius 2. Need more help? See how to get intel, how to distract agents.