How to Block MULE Scanner Ping In Death Stranding

Block MULE Scanners in Death Stranding

Now that Death Stranding is out we finally have a better understanding of what this game is and what’s our main goal. Sam is simply a delivery man who, against, all odds is working to unite America. One of the odds in from Sam in Death Stranding are the MULEs. If you are here you already know what a MULE is but still for our novice friends, let me explain what they are.

MULEs in Death Stranding are human enemies you come across. They are bandits who rob and kill and Sam’s precious cargo is of high interest to them. MULEs are smart and aren’t like your usual bad guys. They are placed scanners that ping to highlight your current location even if you are hiding somewhere. If you are marked it is best to run for your life and exit their area but since there are times you need to pass through their territory, in this guide we will explain how to block MULE scanners in Death Stranding.

How to Block MULE Scanners In Death Stranding

The MULE scanner to block MULE scanners in Death Stranding you need to play Episode 3 of Death Stranding, In this mission, you will unlock the ability to block MULE Scanner ping. Episode 3 will send you to Timefall Farm located in the far south of the map. This is where you unlock the ability to block MULE Scanners.

Connect the farm to the Chiral Network to unlock the farm.

How to Use MULE Scanner Block Ability

When you approach territories controlled by MULEs you will notice a series posts sticking out of the ground. The moment you come near one of these posts they will send out a ping which shows up in a waveform that travels on the ground, there is also an audio cue. When you see the wave hit you send out your own pink via R1. The point is to not let the other wave get back to the post with your location. If you are successful the game will show a text message to confirm it.