Kratos is a God killer, but that does not mean he is impervious to injury. Defense becomes just as crucial as the offense, particularly when facing some of God of War Ragnarok’s more difficult opponents, including the Dreki. This guide will discuss everything you need to know about blocking and parrying in Ragnarok.

How to Block and Parry in God of War Ragnarok

Blocking Attacks

It’s simple to block in God of War Ragnarok; on the PS5 and PS4, hold down L1, and Kratos will raise his shield to defend himself. This is helpful if you’re attempting to regain your breath after taking repeated close-range and long-range assaults or if you need some time to consider your next move.

Being defensive doesn’t exclude you from taking advantage of it, though.

Parrying Attacks

Parrying can help you gain the upper hand against aggressive enemies and perform counterattacks. This will undoubtedly depend on your mastery of time, as parrying only happens when you block an enemy blow immediately before it reaches you. If all goes according to plan, time will stop for a brief celebration of your victory, allowing you to lash out at your enemies. Remember that some foes will continue to attack after an initial parry, so maintain your defense before they falter.

Using Blue Attacks with Shield Break

It is impossible to prevent all the assaults rather; you can choose to avoid some by red charging circles. The second type of attack is represented by two union circles. To perform a shield breach instead of stepping back, get close and double-tap L1 to stun your adversary and protect yourself and your teammates from damage.

Those are all the fundamentals on how to block and parry in God of War Ragnarok. We wish you luck on your journey through the nine realms!

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