Grand Theft Auto (GTA) Online is a multiplayer action-adventure video game that allows players to explore the virtual city of Los Santos and engage in various criminal activities. However, there are players who want to play for those who want to play as a cop and maintain law and order; however, the game does not give players an option to be one.

This guide will explore the steps you need to follow to become a cop in GTA Online, offline, and via a mod, as well as tips and tricks to help you excel in your role as a law enforcement officer.

How to Be a Cop in GTA 5 Online and Offline

To become a cop in GTA 5 Online and offline you have two options:

  • Directors Mode
  • Role Playing Servers

Directors Mode (Offline)

The first method is the director’s mode that allows players to be a cop in GTA 5 offline. The process is simple enough, go to the Rockstart Editor and Select Director Mode. Go to the Actors section and then open Emergency Services. Finally, select LSPD and the game will let you become a cop but there are limitations to what you can do in Director Mode. You can do nothing but assist cops in GTA Online and there is nothing much else to it. You can make traffic stops and assist ongoing police activties. Plus, you can a cop car so that’s great!

Role Playing Servers (Online)

The second method to become a police officer in GTA Online is to join a role playing server. These servers are a great way to not only play as a police officer but also meet new people. Keep in mind that RP servers have their own set of rules and these rules must be followed or you will be kicked out. RageMP, FiveM are two of the most popular cop role playing servers.

How to Be a Cop in GTA 5 Offline With Mod

Once you are done playing the story mode, rest assured there is plenty to do in the game’s offline mode, including role-playing as a cop. In my opinion, becoming a cop in the offline mode is the best way to live out your fantasy. You should consider using the LSPDFR (Los Santos Police Department First Response) mod. The mod allows players to become virtual police officers in GTA Online and engage in various missions. This adds an entirely new excitement for players interested in playing as police officers in GTA Online role-playing (RP).

The cop mod allows you to do the following in GTA 5:

  • High Speed car chases
  • Going after 5-star criminals
  • Arrest and release criminals (guilty or innocent)

Moreover, players can customize their experience further by creating their police agency, rearranging police vehicles, and modifying weapons. If you’re interested in installing the LSPDFR mod in GTA 5, follow the instructions below.

  • Download LSPDFR
  • Extract downloaded files
  • Verify installation

Make sure to extract all the files from the LSPDFR download into the game folder. After that, take a quick look and verify that the game folder includes these items:

  • An LSPDFR folder with these sub-folders inside: audio, chars, and data.
  • A Plugins folder with LSPD First Response.dll inside
  • And finally, you should see RAGEPluginHook.exe as well.

If you see all of these things in your game folder, then congratulations! Your installation of LSPDFR was successful.

How to Install Cop Role Play Mod Video Tutorial

And that’s about everything you need to know on how to become a cop in GTA Online.


  1. I want to become a cop in GTA 5 online using XBox One. When I go to the settings menu, there is no option for the Director mode. I am not driving a vehicle or engaged in any activity. How can I get the Director mode to appear in. Y menu?

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