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Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem is an exciting game where you fight and slash your way through enemies. As you explore the game’s magical world, you’ll come across tough bosses who will do everything they can to defeat you. One of these challenging bosses is Zaalbezul, also known as the Arm of Ashtaroth.

In this guide, we’ll provide you with helpful tips on how to beat the Zaalbezul boss fight and come out as the winner.

Zaalbezul Boss Location

Zaalbezul boss fight takes place in the second act of Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem during the “Journey into Madness” quest. This quest leads you into the flesh realm as you follow the Lambach. After defeating all the enemies near Cordanon upon finding the Brotherhood of Dawn members, Zaalbezul will emerge.

Wolcen Zaalbezul Boss fight location.

How to Beat Zaalbezul in Wolcen: Lords of Mayhem

Now that you know where to find Zaalbezul, let’s discuss the strategies that will help you beat Zaalbezul boss fight in Wolcen.

1. Dealing With Zaalbezul’s Minions

Before you can face Zaalbezul himself, you will need to deal with a horde of his minions. These enemies can be quite overwhelming, but it’s essential to eliminate them as fast as possible. Use area-of-effect skills and crowd-control abilities to clear out the minions quickly. Once they are defeated, you can focus on the main boss.

2. Avoid The Spikes

Zaalbezul has a deadly attack where he throws spikes at you. These spikes not only cause damage upon impact but also deal damage if you step on them. It is crucial to avoid these spikes at all costs. Keep a close eye on the ground and continuously move to dodge them.

3. Use the Apocalyptic Form

To gain an advantage in the fight against Zaalbezul, consider activating your apocalyptic form. This transformation will empower you and allow you to deal significant damage to both Zaalbezul and his minions. Use this form strategically to eliminate lesser opponents quickly and focus on the boss himself.


4. Dodge Zaalbezul’s Paw Swings

Zaalbezul has the ability to swing his paws, pushing you away and launching quick attacks. It is crucial to avoid getting pushed into a wall, as this can result in a significant loss of health points. Utilize dodge rolls to evade his attacks and position yourself behind or at the sides of the boss to maximize your damage output.

Wolcen Zaalbezul Boss Fight Tips.

Recommended Builds for Zaalbezul Boss Fight

Various builds can be effective in defeating Zaalbezul. Here are three recommended builds that have proven to be successful against this boss:

Bleeding Edge Melee Build

This melee-focused build utilizes the Bleeding Edge skill with unstoppable momentum and astral orbit modifiers. The build focuses on dealing with high melee damage and can be effective in taking down Zaalbezul.

Bladestorm Melee Build

The Bladestorm melee build centers around the Bladestorm skill and utilizes the Lethal Momentum, Unfettered Determination, and Cascading Rhythms skill mods. With a focus on the ferocity attribute, this build increases rend damage with bonus skills.


Gun Mage Build

For those who prefer a ranged playstyle, the Gun Mage build can be effective in dealing with Zaalbezul. This build utilizes ranged attacks to deal substantial damage at both close and long ranges.

That’s all we have on this topic but if you have any suggestions or tips, let us know in the comments below.