There are so many boss fights in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom but none as trusting yet cute as Yunobo Boss Fight. The boss fight lasts for less than a minute of you know how to beat Yunobo but what happens leading up to the boss fight took me 5 hours to deal with. In this guide, I will explain everything you need to know to beat Yunobo Boss Fight but I will also discuss how to prepare for this boss fight faster so it won’t take you 5 hours like me.

How to Prepare for Yunobo Boss Fight in Zelda TotK

This is going to be the hardest and most annoying part of your early journey of Hyrule. Yunobo is part of an early main quest where you are tasked to investigate 4 different phenomenons. One of these phenomena leads you to Yunobo in the mountains where the Goro are loving their Red Rock Roast.

Yunobo is inside a cave and every cave in this area has a fire hazard, meaning you will start to burn as soon as you enter his cave, or any cave for that matter. To protest yourself, the best option is to acquire the Fire Guard aka Fireproof Elixir. However, knowing what you need is quite different from getting what you need and that’s where the problem lies.

You need monster parts that are easy to get but you also need Fireproof Lizard which is so hard to come by that you might wanna rage quit and take a break for a while. Fireproof Lizards’ spawn rate is very low but in my experience, the highest spawn rate in the mine area. Here’s the map with the marked location of the mine you need to visit:

You can find up to 6-7 Fireproof Lizards in this area but please bring arrows with you if you want any chance of hunting them. They run away if you need close to them, and not only run away they disappear into walls and ground, never to show up again. Keep your distance when you spot one, it is best to walk and not run, and finally hit them with the arrow to get the job done.

The best Fireproof Lizard hunting location I mentioned above also has a cooking pot which means you can immediately cook up the Fireproof Elixir. The base recipe for this elixir is 1x Fireproof Lizard mixed with any 1x Monster Part but if you want the best Fireproof Elixit recipe combo, here’s a detailed guide to help you out.

How to Beat Yunobo

Now for the boss fight; to beat Yunobo all you have to do is avoid his charge attack and let him smash into a wall to be stunned. As soon as he rolls into a ball to charge at you, start running side ways and let him smash into a wall. When he’s stunned, land a few hits. You have to do this only a couple of times before Yunobo is down.

It is an easy boss fight because Yunobo isn’t an enemy, he is a companion in Zelda Tears of the Kingdom. He will stay with you from this point on for this quest but his permanent companionship ship won’t unlock until you complete the Fire Temple quest and beat Marbled Gohma.


Unequip any wooden melee weapon and shields because they will catch fire in the Yunobo cave.

Once you take down Yunobo you will have access to the Fire Charge ability he used against you, neat right?

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