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How to Beat William Rentier in Evil West: Boss Fight Guide


While playing Evil West, when you reach Level 14, you will encounter a dangerous boss known as William Rentier, the Sanguisuge. For many players, it can be tough to take down a character they’ve grown attached to but to progress through the game, you’ll have to make the difficult decision to defeat William Rentier. In this guide, I’ll tell you how to beat William Rentier.

How to Beat William Rentier

The fight with William Rentier is divided into three phases:

Phase #1

When the first phase of the fight with William Rentier begins, he will unleash various attacks. One attack to watch out for is the loop of gun blasts. When you see a red flash, be prepared for a storm of bullets heading your way. Instead of panicking, try dodging the bullets to avoid taking damage. After two shots, William Rentier will reveal his weak point. Take this opportunity to attack it constantly, using the X-bow to stun him and earn a health drop.

As the fight continues, William Rentier will start using bombs to create a fog on the battlefield that significantly reduces visibility. During this time but you can still see him well enough. If you notice the silhouette of William Rentier moving in the fog, use the Zapper Button to protect yourself. You can also try using punches and a shotgun to attack, but be prepared to dodge his slam attack when he leaps into the sky. Once he’s finished with the slam attack, you can hit him with the X-bow to continue the offensive. Remember to be extra careful in the low visibility of the fog and use all of your senses to anticipate and counter William Rentier’s moves.

During the battle, William Rentier may attack with curved balls and melee moves randomly. If you see him charging up for an attack, try continuously hitting him with dynamite or melee moves. This will eventually bring the first phase of the battle to an end. Remember that William Rentier may have other attacks and strategies, so be prepared to adapt your tactics as the fight progresses.

Phase #2

The second battle phase with William Rentier begins, bringing new challenges and difficulties. The only constant from the first phase is the use of melee attacks. Like the previous round, William Rentier will create fog and use the same dash and slam attacks. However, the strength of these attacks will be increased, making it more difficult for you to dodge. The boss will also use a ranged attack, sending waves of leeches from the ground toward you, which can be complicated to dodge. He will first throw two, then three, and then four waves of his leaches at you before showing the weak spot you can target.

To successfully navigate this battle phase, you’ll need to stay alert, anticipate William Rentier’s moves, and use your skills and abilities to defend yourself and attack.

To stop William Rentier from using these attacks, you’ll need to engage him in close-range combat and use a combination of Zapper and Melee Attacks. When you notice the boss no longer using the barrage, maintain a safe distance. On the other hand, when you see him using the ranged attack, use the Supercharge Mode to protect yourself. Another new attack from the boss is the rare shotgun blast, which will reveal the weak point. Keep hitting it until it drops to defeat William Rentier. Remember to be ready for any attack the boss may throw and use all of your skills and abilities to counter them.

Phase #3

You might have found the second phase of the fight to be a real challenge, but the third and final phase with William Rentier will be even more difficult. He will take to the air to attack with leeches, which you can avoid by dodging and moving to the sides and wait for the weak spot to open. When the boss uses the dash attack, it will reveal its weak point, allowing you to deal significant damage. Stay focused during the opening and use it to force the boss to fall from the sky and become stunned. This is your chance to strike and end the battle. It will require all of your skills and focus on emerging victorious in this final phase of the fight with William Rentier.

To defeat William Rentier in the final phase of the battle, your main goal should be to target the boss’s weak point using the supercharge mode. Like in the previous two phases, the boss creates fog and uses a triple slam attack. Once the third slam is completed, the boss will be exhausted and crouch, allowing you to attack.

Next, the boss will use its signature attack, creating fog and surrounding you with illusions. The best way to deal with this is to hold on for a few seconds until the illusions reveal their weak points and prepare to throw projectiles. It may be challenging, but you must hit all weak points to break the illusion and stun William Rentier. With focus and determination, you can emerge victorious in this final phase of the battle.

If you are killed during the signature attack, you will have to start the final phase again from this point. When you respawn, use all the weapons at your disposal to attack the boss without leaving any openings. Use the Supercharge mode for your final attack to defeat William Rentier. With these tips in mind, you should be well-equipped to defeat this dangerous boss in Evil West. Stay focused and use all of your skills and abilities to emerge victorious.

That’s all you need to know on how to beat William in Evil West. If you need help with other boss fights, see the following:

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