The Wasted, or Son of a Witch, is a sixth-boss with his body just beyond the positive headspace fast travel point. However, he has Skulls for weapons and skeleton armies at his disposal to fight against players in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland!

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands Wastard Boss Fight

Here’s everything you need to know about beating Wastard in the game.

Phase #1

The Wasted Guardian is a tough-fought boss that does not have much weakness. Like most Leviathans, it has high resistance and health points for its class; however, this one also features regenerative abilities, which will make taking damage difficult if you cannot deal with them quickly enough through ranged or melee attacks. At the same time, they’re active during your first phase of the battle. After that, the player must protect their heads with the blue skulls, which are scarce, and shoot at enemies in a ranged attack. The main mechanic of this phase is using these rare items to block attacks from Wasted that will come after you!

Players should avoid these skulls at all costs. If you get hit by one of them, your entire protection bar will disappear and most likely leave behind some serious health drawbacks! Of course, you can use the creatures scattered around in this arena to hide from their attacks until it’s time for action again – but each class has its way of dealing damage here, so make sure not only do they have a good strategy before deciding on yours (or else risk fail) because there is no “best option.”

Phase #2

In the second phase of this battle, players will need to deal enough damage to it to cause a change in its appearance. Once they do so and enter into another stage (depending on how far into the fight you’ve gone), Wastard becomes known as an individual fighter with specific abilities at their disposal – but there’s no time right now! Again, avoidance techniques are key here; don’t let yourself get caught by any scratchings because those can hurt when trying to avoid getting hit back by your enemy and being able-bodied armored against potential attacks from all sides.
Phase #3

In this fight against the boss, players should focus on dealing Frost’s damage to defeat it as quickly as possible. Once defeated by their opponents’ skillful skills and hard work in Tiny Tina’s Wonderland, they will earn XP points to increase character levels or obtain better loot drops from future runs through Son Of A Witch if one wants more farming opportunities with little expense involved!

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