Vincent is a powerful boss who can be found in V Rising. He is challenging to defeat, but the rewards are worth it. This guide will help you defeat him and claim his laptop as your own.

Where To Find Vincent the Frostbringer

In V Rising, there is a boss known as Putrid Rat, who can be tracked by following their blood scent at the blood altar. However, this boss is different than the others because Vincent can be found roaming on the road in the center of Dunley Farmland. This is a unique boss that players will have to find in order to complete the game. The player must use their detective skills in order to find Vincent and put an end to this Frostbringer.

How to Beat Vincent the Frostbringer

In V Rising, Vincent teleports onto the battlefield with a group of archer escorts. The player will need to quickly take those archers down to isolate Vincent. Once isolated, Vincent begins to freeze his opponents to deal damage. However, the player can also use isolation power to take down the boss and bring him down the road. This will allow the player to deal extra damage to Vincent while he cannot escape.

If you don’t take care of Vincent, you’ll have plenty of other troubles like Christian Jade. And Fighting Christian Jade will not be easy. So it’s in your best interest to isolate Vincent. Otherwise, you’ll have more enemies than you can handle.

Pro Tip: While Fighting with Vincent, your main strategies should be defense and mobility. Further, Avoid His attack as possible.


  1. Vampire Power-Frost Barrier
  2. Vampire Power-Veil of frost
  3. Recipe-Reinforced Plank
  4. Structure-Prison Cell

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