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In Lost Ark, at final level 5, you will encounter Velganos, one of the strongest Guardian Raids in the game. Without any technique or knowledge about him, he can kill in a single explosion. So in this guide, we will explain tips and tricks on how to defeat Velganos in Lost Ark.

Required item level

  •  1385 Item Level

Required items

  • Hp potion
  • Flare
  • Marching Flag
  • Pheromone Bomb
  • Whirlwind Grenade


  • Upgrade materials
  • Ability Stones
  • Tier 3 Accessories
  • Runes
  • Cards
  • Engraving Books

There are plenty of things to keep in mind to make the kill easy, which are

  1. Stay in white light circles
  2. Avoid Black circle
  3. Stay beneath Orb to stay safe from bite
  4. Stumble or Flee from AoE stagger check
  5. Stay in Yellow light to gain the power of light during anger

It is also crucial that Velganos stays in an open space, so it stays in front of you. Don’t let him out of sight. Fight with Velganos consists of three phases between 65% to 35% of health.

Phases #1 and 2

During the first two phases, Velgonos will be taking average damage, and in each state, he will create specific areas of light of different colors in which you can step in to gain the light of sac Sacks to help you increase the damage against Velganos. As a result of damage, you lose a stack of light, so it’s better to dodge Dark debuff. Each player can carry up to 5 stacks. And when you are playing in a group, each of the players should have a minimum of 3 stacks.

At each phase, the player will have a stagger check which you can know when warm light is around Velgano. You can also stun Velgano for relatively more time if you release all your stagger damage towards Velgano. But if you cannot successfully attempt this, Velagno will wipe out everyone. To avoid it, you need to run away.

There is also a bite attack in which everyone gains golden orbs on their head, and all of a sudden, one of the players will have a black orb above him. The player needs to get into the golden circle to escape the bite. Failing to do so will result in wiping out the entire group.

Phase #3

His last phase will happen when his HP is at 30%. Velagnos will change its color to red, showing its enraged state. In this state, Velgano will use two primary abilities, Dark Roar and pizza Stomp, and light circles will no longer be available.

In this phase, you will see dark circles around him, go behind him and see the direction of his swirl. During his pizza stomp, he will give light stacks in the form of the triangle and Dark stacks. Move towards the direction of rotation to get four light stacks because he attempts four pizza attacks. However, he is difficult to kill but not impossible! You have to do it with proper technique to acquire the light of the stack.

Need more help? See Knowledge Transfer, Rudric Boss Fight.

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