How to Beat Urias in Resident Evil Village

Resident Evil Village urias boss fight

We have Urias in the trailers of Resident Evil Village and to be honest, he is even more frightening than the giant vampire lady. He is huge and uses a hammer and after your first encounter with him at the start of the game, it is now time to properly take him on.

In this boss fight guide, we will discuss all the tips you need to kill Urias in Resident Evil Village.

Resident Evil Village Urias Boss Fight

Urias boss fight starts when he is standing on top of a platform. Remember, every time he is up there he will jump down with his hammer swinging at you. While he is on the ground, Urias will chase your around looking for an oppertunity to smash your head in.

While chasing you down, he performs different combos with his hammer. You can easily avoid his swings by standing on the opposite side of the stone pillars. Keep in mind that Urias can grab these pillars and at you.

Avoid his swings while waiting for an opportunity to shoot him on the face. After you do enough damage he will climb up the middle platform and summon two minions who are easy to beat.

Keep targeting his face until he falls to his death. Once he is down, go through the unlocked door and walk until you reach the TV room. Pick up the Torso Flask.

And that’s how to beat Urias in Resident Evil Village. Need more help? See Lady Dimitrescu boss fight, safe and door codes, statues puzzle solution, bell puzzle solution.

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