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How To Beat Truheltia Memonstria In Psychonauts 2

Psychonauts 2 is a unique and incredible game with a lot of stuff for the players to do. The game features some of the unique enemies in video games and that is also true for its bosses. This Psychonauts 2 guide will help players with how to defeat Truheltia Memonstria.

How To Beat Truheltia Memonstria

Truheltia Memonstria is a three-headed Hydra and each head has a different attack. This is a three-phase boss fight. In the first phase of the boss fight, players will be in a vortex and each head will take turns to attack the player. Use the PSI Blast to damage the heads.

When the head shoots projectiles, shoot them to send them back at Truheltia Memonstria to deal significant damage. When a head throws explosive plants, use telekinesis to throw them back. Keep dealing damage and eventually, phase two of the boss fight will initiate.

In the second phase of the Truheltia Memonstria boss fight in Psychonauts 2, players will land on the island. Attack the moth cocoon where Bob is imprisoned to free him. Players have to beat a Bad Mood enemy and some smaller enemies. Use Clairvoyance when Bad Mood uses an area of effect attack. While in Clairvoyance, follow the pointer and destroy the cage that appears.

This will start the third phase of the boss fight which is basically the first phase. This time, the Moth will drop traps that will cause problems with the controls if players are caught in one. Keep moving and throwing bombs at Truheltia Memonstria. Also, when the flaming head is about to spit fire, throw a bomb at it. This will deal a huge amount of damage. Keep attacking and players will defeat the Truheltia Memonstria.

That is all for our Psychonauts 2 guide with tips on how to beat Truheltia Memonstria. For more on the game, also see Questionable Area PSI Challenge Cards Locations and Compton’s Cookoff Collectibles Locations.

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