There are plenty of challenges in every game, making the game more exciting. Bosses are one of these challenges in salt and sacrifice. Usually, players use the hit and trial method to defeat enemies, but that’s time taking.

The tireless exalted is one such boss who is not very difficult to beat, but the help of this guide on How to Defeat the Tireless exalted in Salt and sacrifice makes it easy for the players.

We will discuss how to defeat The tireless exalted, his mechanics of attacks, how to handle those attacks, their location, rewards, or any tips or tricks needed to beat the Tireless Exalted.

How to Beat The Tireless Exalted

  • Location of The Tireless Exalted: South of the Temple’s entrance in Bol Grahn.
  • Rewards: Blazepyr, Goldenpyr, Carved Vessel, Salt x3500, Silver x415

Attack Patterns

Here is a list of all the attacks that a player should know before fighting the boss. This list will help the player to defeat The Tireless Exalted Boss.

  • Lantern Bash: The Boss has a glowing lantern which he strikes on the ground vertically before him. Due to this strike, he pounds everything in its way. stay close to his legs because the lantern bashing effect initiates far from his legs.
  • Wrath Call Attack: Three wrath attacks are called The Tireless Exalted that initiate from his lantern and head towards the player. You can avoid this one by jumping if they are low or running away from it if it’s not that low.
  • Staff Smash: Like Lantern bash, He summons the same attack now by using his staff, although this one’s range is more compared to lantern bash. Stay close to his legs to stay safe from this Staff Bash.
  • Staff Slam: The tireless Exalted uses the other end of the staff and hits it on the ground, throwing dust toward the player. Staying close to him will save you.

Note: When the boss’s health is 50% HP, several dust points release toward the player instead of one.


This boss primarily uses melee attacks against the player, which means all of his attacks are away from him, so staying close to the boss or standing behind him will quickly help you defeat The tireless Exalted. Attack him when he is initiating any attack and run after hitting him. Don’t stay in one place to get minor damage.

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