The Sapblood Heart is one of the bosses you face in the newly released Salt and Sacrifice. Like other boss fights, The Sapblood Heart also summons minions to attack you. This guide will discuss everything you need to know to beat The Sapblood Heart.

How to Beat The Sapblood Heart

The boss is laying dormant when the boss fight starts, but the Sabblood Heart rises when a spirit enters its heart. It takes a few seconds for the spirit to arrive and enter the boss. Try to do as much damage before the spirit enters the Sapblood Heart.

Target the heart during the boss fight rather than attacking the spirits. During the boss fight, remove any additional unwanted equipment to boost agility. The boss fight is all about timing so having a low equipment load helps avoid attacks.

Attack Patterns

Spirit Shot: The spirits that are summoned by the boss shoot projectiles at you. They create the most problem during the second phase of the boss fight.

Rush: The boss will rush but the attack can be avoided by rolling through.

Plunge: The boss will thrust its sword into the ground but also perform two swipes with it every now and then.

Fog Breath: The boss is sucked in fog and then lets it out in the direction it is facing. Roll through it to avoid damage.

Fog Breath: The boss sucks in a lot of fog but this time AoE is much closer to the Heart this time around.

That’s everything you need to know on how to beat The Sapblood Heart. Need more help? See The Tireless Exalted Boss Fight, Marega Gredanya Boss Fight.

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