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How to Beat The Prospector in Inscryption: Boss Fight Guide


One of the boss fights in Inscryption is against The Prospector. This is the first boss you come across in the game. In this guide, we will discuss everything you need to know on how to beat The Prospector in the game.

Inscryption The Prospector Boss Fight

The boss fight is interesting because you only get one life but the boss gets multiple lives. During the first phase, the boss will bring out coyotes to attack your defense. You will also see a pack mule card that has no attack value, 5 HP, and a sprinter sigil which can block your attacks.

Deal with the pack of mules first which gives you the opportunity to land more hits. Taking care of the mule gives you additional random creature cards.

Make sure to save some of your high-cost cards for the end. During the second phase of the boss fight, The Prospector kills all your creatures and they transform into the Gold Nugget cards.

The Prospector uses its Bloodhound Cards and a 2/3 creature with sigil ability will move to your creature cards immediately. You should use one high damage creature card during the first phase to allow yourself enough room in the second phase.

Use a low-cost creature and then a squirrel and keep using your resources. Eventually, you will beat the boss.

And that’s everything you need to know on how to beat The Prospector in Inscryption. Need more help? See Clock Puzzle Solution, Cabinet Puzzle Solution.

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