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How To Beat The Judges In Psychonauts 2


Psychonauts 2 is a unique game with unique enemies and bosses. Players will come across a number of bosses that they have to beat and “The Judges” is one of them. This Psychonauts 2 guide will help players with how to defeat The Judges.

How To Beat The Judges

The Judges are judges of a game show where they judge every Compton’s action. However, players can just attack The Judges, players have to collect the ingredients that’ll appear then use these ingredients to damage them.

To collect the ingredients, wait for a judge to barf purple things with ingredients’ kicking legs. Use telekinesis and pull the ingredient to check if it’s the right one. If the ingredient is right, throw it in the tube.

If players need healing, attack the green globs. Also, try to avoid the purple gunk and use Levitate to do it. Once the plate is presented to the player, press Y on the Xbox controller and keep tapping Y to feed the judge and damage it. Do this, and players will eventually defeat the Judges in Psychonauts 2.

That is all for our Psychonauts 2 guide on how to beat The Judges. For more on the game, also see our Follicles Collectibles Locations Guide and Hot Streak Collectibles Locations Guide.

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