Deep in the swamps of V Rising lies the Duke of Balaton, a giant toad who is said to hoard vast amounts of treasures. Few have dared to venture into the Duke’s territory, for he is a fierce and vile creature who will stop at nothing to protect his hoard. This guide will help you beat the Duke of Balaton.

Where To Find The Duke of Balaton in V Rising

The Duke of Balaton is a tough boss, but with the right strategy, he can be defeated. The first step is to get the Blood Altar in your castle. This will allow you to track down the Duke through his blood scent. Once you have the Blood Altar, use it to generate a red trail that will lead you straight to the boss. The Duke of Balaton can be found in the far north area of the map in the Swamp of Greed. With a bit of patience and perseverance, you’ll be able to take him down and claim victory.

How to Beat The Duke of Balaton

Before fighting, Duke of Balaton, ensure the following things:

  • Upgrade Your Gear Up level 62, at least.
  • Find a clan and call your allies to hold you back.

The Duke of Balaton is a formidable opponent, capable of leaping and pouncing on its prey. It also has a long tongue that it can use to lash out at opponents. However, these are not the only weapons in its arsenal. The Duke also has a powerful melee attack that it often uses at the start of a fight. This can be difficult to counter, but if you keep your distance and use a good ranged weapon, you should be able to take him down.

Just be prepared for when he reaches 50 percent health, as this is when his eggs will hatch, and you’ll have to deal with the hatchlings until he returns. With careful planning and execution, you can defeat the Duke of Balaton.

V Rising is a tough game, and nowhere is that more apparent than in the fight against the Duke of Balaton. This boss is massive, and its health bar seems endless. What’s worse, it attacks relentlessly, leaving little opportunity for counterattacks. Players need to be extra careful when facing the Duke of Balaton, as one wrong move can mean instant death.

Therefore, buffs and healing items are essential in this battle, as is a healthy dose of patience. But even with all of that, the Duke of Balaton is still a formidable opponent that can take down even the most experienced players.

Reward: After defeating the Duke of Balaton, you will be able to form a Toad.

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