How to Beat Termonius in Halo Infinite: Boss Fight Guide

How to Beat Termonius in Halo Infinite Boss Fight Guide

Termonius is one of the early bosses that you will face in Halo Infinite. You will stumble into him in the second mission named “Foundations”. Termonius is a bit difficult to deal with and you will need to play strategically to defeat him. The following guide will help you in knowing how to defeat Termonius in Halo Infinite.

Halo Infinite Termonius Boss Fight

Termonius has a set of attacks that deal more damage when you are close. If you are maintaining a distance between you and Termonius, then you won’t get hit massively. However, there is an attack in his kit that is so annoying and you need to watch out for that one. This is because that would be the only attack that can kill you in one single hit. Sprinting away from it, or trying to avoid it by jumping won’t help you.

This is the attack in which Termonius jumps off into the air and transforms into a fire ball and throws himself onto you. You can only avoid getting hit by this attack if you use a grappling hook. You need to aim when you see Termonius jumping into the air. This is the right time to pre-select a place where you want to grapple before Termonius hits you.

After Termonius lands, he will be vulnerable for a short period of time. This provides you an opening to hail down hell on him. Keep in mind that he can slowly heal his shield and health, so you need to inflict maximum damage you can. You need to do this while he is vulnerable to cover the regeneration.

Players will have to use their full force, like both weapons and all the explosives once you see the opening. We recommend using one full clip of your primary weapon to empty his shield then use second weapon to damage his health. This way you won’t have to worry about reloading and will inflict maximum damage in the shortest duration.

This is everything that you need to know about how to defeat Termonius in Halo Infinite. Need more help? See How to Beat Bassus, How to Beat Chak ‘Lok.

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